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수영 교사 개발

수영 및 물 안전 교사의 전문적인 학습, 연습 및 참여에 대한 가이드

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Learn the risks

Understanding the risks and knowing how to assess dangers will help your family make smarter choices around water.

Chat with your doctor

Consult your doctor before getting back in the water, especially if you have any medical or mobility issues. Talk to your doctor and know your physical limitations, especially if you’re on medication.

Learn how to save a life

Make sure your first aid and CPR is up to date so you’re prepared if an accident happens. This is particularly important in remote and rural areas where help may be far away.

Get active

The health and social benefits are there for us to enjoy - our entire lives.

Is your community summer ready?

수영 및 물 안전 교사의 전문적인 학습, 연습 및 참여에 대한 가이드


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