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Safety Equipment

Following years of research, Royal Life Saving has refined its public safety and rescue equipment and has made available a range of equipment to supply to Local Governments and Land Managers.

From signage through to advanced Locator Beacons  and Rescue Pods we are able to provide you advice and supply all that you need.

This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Throw Bags

  • Angel Rings (or Life Rings)

  • First Aid Kits and Oxygen Equipment

  • Spinal Boards

  • Public Access Defibrillators

  • Rescue Tubes

  • Emergency Outpost Alarms

  • Signage

  • Rescue Poles

  • Lifejackets

  • Lifeguard Uniforms

Public Rescue Equipment Guide

This guide aims to assist aquatic operators, landowners, and managers in making appropriate decisions about their Public Rescue Equipment (PRE) requirements that result from risk assessments.

It is vitally important that the provision of PRE is consistently applied to ensure the suitability to the local environment, as well as assisting with general public and visitor knowledge and awareness of its availability and use.

PRE along inland waterways must be appropriate for the features and conditions of the aquatic environment. The equipment should be easy to use by members of the public with minimal hesitation and without putting the rescuer’s safety at risk. It should also be positioned in appropriate locations with due consideration to maintenance, vandalism and communication strategies.

As with all inland waterway management issues, decisions should be based upon a robust and regular risk assessment process. In some cases, the risk assessment results could indicate that PRE is not required, such as some very shallow rivers or areas where historically no incidents have occurred. However, PRE requirements should never be looked at in isolation; other control measures may complement or indeed replace PRE, such as education, signage, zoning, or lifeguard services.

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