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Aquatic Facility Safety Assessment


The Royal Life Saving Aquatic Facility Safety Assessment (AFSA) is a comprehensive analysis of the policies, procedures, operations and activities of a public or commercial aquatic facility. The AFSA is the easiest and most effective way.

The AFSA is a simple and effective method of assessing the level of safety and compliance within an aquatic facility. For pool owners and operators, it is a way to ensure that their facility is being managed in line with current expectations and standards. Failure to meet reasonable standards in the provision of a safe environment for the public may in some instances carry significant penalties.

The AFSA can assess all aspects of the facility, including:

  • Administration

  • First Aid

  • Technical Operations

  • Facility and Pool Design

  • Water Features and Attractions

  • Spa, Hydrotherapy, Wave and Dive Pools

  • Supervision

  • Programs

The AFSA question set determines compliance against the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations (GSPO) and relevant State and National regulations and Legislation.

The assessment enables the development of a detailed report and safety improvement plan. The safety improvement plan lists the level of risk associated with each non-compliance, the applicable guideline or legislative reference and provides comprehensive recommendations to address the respective issues.

AFSA Benefits:

  • Benchmark current  performance against industry standards and best practice

  • Gain independent and expert information and advice

  • Encourage continual improvement

  • Support the training and educational needs of key facility representatives

  • Ensure currency with regulatory changes

  • Reduce the likelihood and consequence of aquatic related injury and death

  • Demonstrate the use of a formal risk management process

  • Maintain a working relationship with the peak industry body

  • Achieve recognition for safety practices

  • Reduce legal risk

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