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Lead Risk Officer

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Flexible (Home & Work)

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Royal Life Saving

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Full Time

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Key Roles and Responsibilities

Safety Services

Lead a team of Safety Assessors in conducting comprehensive risk assessments and consultancy for aquatic facilities, including pools, rivers, and water parks.

Support the development and implementation of risk management guidance and policy.

Engage with Facility Managers, Duty Managers, Trainers and Land Managers across the industry.

Provide expert advice to designers, land managers and operators of aquatic safety performance across NSW, ACT and TAS

Continuously monitoring and evaluating the performance of the aquatic industry safety

Produce an annual State of the Industry Report

Provide expert advice to Aquatic Risk Officers on Risk Management, Workplace Health and Safety and Industry legislation, regulation and best practice

Collaborating with regulatory bodies and insurance providers to maintain industry standards

Drive and support the development of Information Technology associated with our Risk Services

Work with the training team on risk and safety in service training opportunities

Be a member of the organisations Workplace Health and Safety Committee

Engagement and Relationships

Develop and maintain relationships with Royal Life Saving staff at a state and national level as it pertains to Risk and Safety

Engage with Facility Managers, Duty Managers, Trainers and Land Managers across the industry.

Implement safety partnerships across the three states with Local Governments and Management organisations

Work closely with regional staff to identify organisations and individuals with a commitment to Aquatic Risk and Safety

Regularly engage with the Training Services Manager and Product Services to expand our Safety Services and products

Act as a mentor to other risk staff to assist their professional development and ensure they are aligned with strategic initiatives


Adhere to the relevant RLSNSW policies and procedures that relate to Management and Staff.

Represent Royal Life Saving in a professional manner while undertaking work on Royal Life Saving Risk and Safety Activities

Support public awareness of Royal Life Saving key messages.

Assist the Senior Management Team with any other reasonable tasks as required.

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02 96343700

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Castle Hill

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