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Wear a Lifejacket

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Not wearing Lifejackets when conducting certain aquatic activity continues to be a primary factor which contributes to drowning deaths of males over the age of 18 when boating, paddling watercraft and rock fishing.

Approximately 90% of all boating, rockfishing and watercraft related drowning deaths the victim was not wering a Lifejacket

The latest available data suggests universal lifejacket wear is in the vicinity of 40-50%.

When should I wear a Lifejacket

A lifejacket should be worn by everyone in open water environments when:

  • Boating, jet skiing or sailing

  • Paddling watercraft such as canoes, kayaks, paddle boards

  • Rock Fishing

How to choose/buy a lifejacket

To effective, it is vital that a lifejacket fits a person correctly so that they are comfortable, and fit securely and snugly.

In addition, lifejackets should be chosen to suit the activity or conditions they will be worn in.

Click here to find the most suitable Lifejacket for your activity


Before going out

  • Make sure you have a lifejacket for each person going on your trip on the water

  • Make sure each lifejacket fits everyone properly, including children

  • Practice getting in and out of the water while wearing a lifejacket

  • Make Sure your Lifejackets are in working order

Downloadable Resources

RLSNSW-22-414-Safety Wear a lifejacket when on the water DL Flyer
Download PDF • 1.40MB

RLSNSW-22-414-Safety Message A4 DL folded Flyer_F
Download PDF • 3.39MB

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