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Check the Conditions before heading out

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The surface of open waterways can give a false sense of security. Even seemingly tranquil waterways can prove to be dangerous. It is worth remembering that conditions in open waterways such as rivers and beaches can change rapidly. Just because you might regularly visit an area, it doesn’t mean the environment will be the same the next time you visit. For example, sandbanks can move, and weather can adversely affect water conditions suddenly.

When enjoying are open waterways, it is important to check the conditions before going out and understand the hazards and risks involved to keep yourself and those with you safe. Whether you’re swimming, boating or even just relaxing on the bank, there are many hidden dangers that you may not be aware of:

  • Strong currents and fast-flowing water. Check the current by throwing a leaf into the water to see the speed it travels. If you get caught in a current, float on your back feet first, and go with the current. Don’t panic

  • Submerged objects such as rocks, snags and tree branches. Check the depth of the water and look for submerged objects by using a stick. Don’t jump or dive into the water. Enter water slowly and feet first

  • Slippery banks and uneven surfaces. Unintentional falls into water are a major risk.

  • Changing seasonal patterns . Make sure you check the weather forecast and water conditions before venturing out.

  • Water Tempretures. Water temperatures in open waterways can drop to freezing levels in winter and cause cold water shock if you fall in

What to check for

Before entering the water or going out, individuals should check the conditions using the five ‘W’ checks at all times. These are:

  • Weather (rain, lightning, storms etc)

  • Wind conditions (directs and strength)

  • Water temperature

  • Water movement (wave conditions, tides, current, flooding)

  • Warnings (Signage, Radio, Websites)

Downloadable Resources

RLSNSW-22-414-Safety Check the conditions before heading out DL Flyer
Download PDF • 1.39MB

RLSNSW-22-414-Safety Message A4 DL folded Flyer_F
Download PDF • 3.39MB

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