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30 July 2021

This month's Top Picks for LinkedIn Learning

Training & Development
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We've taken the all guess work out for our members with access to LinkedIn professional Learning for this month's top picks and hand-picked courses in 3 key areas:

  • Health & Well-Being

  • Inclusion

  • Leadership

Health & Well-Being

Manager as Multipliers of Well-Being:

In our Industry we spend a great deal of time working as part of a team. Often, we spend more time with our colleagues than we do our own family and friends. This course taps into the critical role that managers can play in create a positive environment for your team’s mental wellbeing.

(5) Managers hold the key to promoting well-being (linkedin.com)

Course length: 38 minutes

Well-Being in the workplace:

Never has it been more important to keep on top of our mental health. This course will provide practical tips for alleviating anxiety, worry, stress and other common mental health issues. Find the tools to avoid burnout and increase happiness and combat those negative thoughts.

(5) The path to a happy career (linkedin.com)

Course length: 23 minutes

Staying positive in the face of negativity:

Even the most resilient people can get weighed down when we are faced with continuous negativity. This can be attributed to both circumstantial moments in our loves – such as the current lockdown, or it can be caused by those around us in our workplace such as negative criticism, or a difficult customer. This course will provide you with some tools to maintain positive strength when it feels like you just can't catch a break.

(5) Build skills and habits to foster positivity (linkedin.com)

Course length: 56 minutes

Developing your Emotional intelligence

An employee’s emotional intelligence can often be the difference between getting that promotion and not – regardless of your qualifications. This course will explain the fundamental of emotional intelligence and why it’s so important in the workplace. Learning outcomes include Shifting perspective, empathising, playing to strengths, and collecting feedback.

(5) What are the benefits of emotional intelligence? (linkedin.com)

Course length: 60 minutes


Royal Life Saving Cultural Competence Course

This a free online course to provide an overview of the broad range of cultures we have that make up our community in Australia. The course will help provide a better understanding of appropriate behaviours and understandings of various cultural backgrounds to better equip our workforce of being more culturally aware and inclusive.

To book yourself, or your team in, contact our Cultural Engagement Coordinator Lauren Battaglia laurenbattaglia@royalnsw.com.au

Course length 3 hours

Diversity, inclusion and belonging:

Our industry not only employs people from all cultures and backgrounds, but our customers that enter our facilities every day come rom diverse backgrounds, cultures, genders and races. This course will explore the diversity, inclusion and belonging approach and how to apply this to your workplace. Learning outcomes will include tools on hiring and retaining diverse talent.

(5) DIBs: An introduction (linkedin.com)

Course length: 47 minutes

Communicating and Culturally sensitive issues:

Discussions about cultural differences can be uncomfortable. It is hard to know if you’re communicating in a way that may be considered appropriate or offensive. This course will provide a better understanding of how to handle these tricky conversations and how to commit to dialogue, rather than debate.

(5) Welcome (linkedin.com)

Course length: 55 minutes

Unconscious Bias:

As humans we all possess bias. Our experience in life shape who we are and how we see other. This course will help you recognise your own bias and how to overcome making decisions without bias. The course will not only look at how to overcome your own personal bias, but how you can adopt these strategies to your organisation.

(5) Welcome (linkedin.com)

Course Length: 23 minutes


How to be an Effective Remote Manager

Managing a team can be a challenge at the best of time, but in a remote environment over extended period can be even more challenging. This course will explore the opportunities for managers to help your team thrive. The course will run through a range of strategies and tools to ensure you get the best out of your team, whilst avoiding some of the classic missteps.

(5) Making the switch (linkedin.com)

Course Length: 69 minutes

Supporting your teams as offices reopen

We’ve done this before but what happens when we get to return to work after this lockdown? Your team members will all approach this opportunity with different and mixed emotions depending on their individual circumstances. This course will provide some useful tips to assist navigating your employees into a supportive work environment whilst addressing your own needs as a manager.

(5) Supporting your team as offices re-open (linkedin.com)

Course Length: 35 minutes

How to give Negative Feedback to Senior Colleagues

We are all faced with moments when we might not agree with something out manager has said or done but might be too scared to speak up. This course will provide some useful tools and strategies on how to approach these situations in a manner that can be constructive and well-received, and ultimately improve your work relationships.

(5) Practical advice for giving feedback to your boss (linkedin.com)

Course Length: 19 minutes

Tech-based Learning

PowerPoint: Eight Easy Ways to make you Presentation Stand Out

Do you get nervous at the idea of delivering a presentation or the idea of creating a PowerPoint? This course will give you eight easy tools to make your presentations stand out from the rest and give you the confidence to deliver a more professional product.

(5) Eight presentation principles (linkedin.com)

Course length: 36 minutes

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