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30 Dec 2022

Royal Life Saving urges community to keep each other safe over New Years Weekend

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Royal Life Saving is rallying communities to keep each other safe and enjoy the water over the New Year long weekend.


With this summer’s national drowning toll at 21, and 11 of those in inland waterways, RLS NSW/ ACT/ TAS General Manager, Drowning Prevention and Education, Craig Roberts,acknowledged that behind these statistics are devastating personal tragedies.


“Our hearts go out to those families affected by recent tragedies. We hope they are seeking and receiving the support they need at this time, and we urge people to continue to exercise caution this long weekend.


“Socialising in and around the water is part of our summer way of life, and with changed conditions in and around many of our natural waterways this year, it’s particularly important to keep each other safe around the water.


“Whether you’re fishing, boating, swimming, paddling or playing on shore, have fun, and stay safe around the water.


“There are four simple tips to keeping each other safe.


- Know your limits and avoid taking risks

- Check the conditions before you head out

- Wear a lifejacket when on the water

- Supervise children at all times



“We encourage our partners – aquatic centres, pools, local councils, community and media organisations – to share safety messages with their communities throughout the summer, particularly over long weekends.

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