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28 Sept 2023

Royal Life Saving releases new summer ready checklists

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As another scorching summer approaches, Royal Life Saving is preparing communities to avoid the alarming spike in drowning incidents witnessed last year. The leading organisation for drowning prevention, Royal Life Saving has issued a simple, Summer-Ready Checklist of tips for a safer summer.

The Summer-Ready Checklist is released ahead of the long weekend (ACT/NSW) provides four crucial tips for Spring – whether people plan travel to an inland waterway, to the coast, enjoy a backyard or community pool.

Craig Roberts, RLS NSW ACT TAS General Manager of Drowning Prevention said “Preparation can help us avoid another tragic summer.

“Our Summer-Ready Checklist is a simple reminder of what to do before heading to the beach, coast, pool, or inland waterway.

“In the lead-up to summer, checklists with advice for pool owners, families, regional communities and over-65s will be appearing at councils and community organisations around the state and online.”

“No matter where you go to enjoy the water, now is the time to…

  1. Learn to swim

  2. Get active, and check in with your health

  3. Learn CPR

  4. Check around your home and pool

“The latest National Drowning Report found 57% of drowning fatalities last year occurred in people over 45 years old. The second highest cause of drowning fatalities was slips and falls.

“These tragedies are powerful reminders that even if you don’t intend to swim, learning or brushing up on swimming and lifesaving skills at any age can keep you and your family safe.”

“While national drowning rates decreased in 22-23 from the 10-year average, NSW still suffers almost double the number of drownings than QLD and VIC, and triple the rate of WA, with 107 lives lost in 22-23.

“We want people of all ages and from all regions, to be ready and able to enjoy the water safely, and that starts now. Check in with your family, friends, sporting and school groups to get your community Summer-Ready.”

To access our range of checklists and assets, visit our campaign page.

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