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30 Mar 2022

Royal Life Saving calling for Honours Nominations

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The Royal Life Saving Society is committed to recognising the efforts of its dedicated members and volunteers. Their service can be recognised by their individual club, peers, workplace, etc. and recommended to the Board of Directors through the use of State, Australian and Commonwealth Honours Award Systems. Nominations are called for Honours to be presented to volunteers for their service to the Society in promoting lifesaving and water safety activities throughout their local communities.

In considering candidates for these awards, the level of performance and the quality of the service rendered are the necessary and key components to be reviewed and considered before any Honour or award may be granted. Other criteria such as years of service, contributions, membership, council, club or committee involvement, continuous service, reach of service, etc are important factors. They play a role in determining the candidate’s eligibility and the level of the Honour awarded. All criteria listed, including the citation must be considered in assessing each candidate. Care must be exercised in the review and selection process to ensure that each candidate is a worthy recipient of the award. There should be a normal forward progression through the Honours awards. Candidates nominated for a NSW Honour will be assessed by the Royal Life Saving NSW Branch Honours Committee. Similarly, candidates nominated for an Australian award will be endorsed by the NSW Branch Board of Directors and forwarded to National Office Honours committee and candidates nominated for a Commonwealth award will be endorsed by the National Office and forwarded to the Commonwealth Honours Committee. New South Wales, Australian and Commonwealth Honours are listed in the downloadable form below. The prerequisites are a guide only and Honours are aimed at recognising the continual voluntary work of the Society’s members rather than occasional instruction or involvement. As mentioned, Honours are awarded in order and a ‘higher’ Honour is generally not awarded if the ‘lower’ Honour has not been previously awarded unless under exceptional circumstances. Nominees must be members of the Society. It is not the policy of the Honours committee to reply to unsuccessful applicants. All successful applicants will be listed in the Society’s Annual Report.

Download PDF • 924KB

Nominations close at the Society's Office on Friday 29 April, 2022. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to telephone (02) 9634 3700.

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