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15 Aug 2022

Northern NSW getting technical with Pool Operations

Training & Development
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10 aquatic professionals from pools across northwest NSW have just kicked off their Aquatic Technical Operations training program.

Under the supervision of RLS Development Officer Gary Johnson, the training workshop delivered at the 360 Fitness Club in Tamworth covered the subjects of risk management, testing pool water, maintaining pool water quality and facility maintenance.

This training program was tailored for these candidates as many are just starting out their career as pool operators. Participating organisations included Belgravia Leisure, Gunnedah and Narrabri Shire Council, LabourCo, PK’s Pool Care and Farrer Agricultural College.

The first session was an update on the theory content of industry standards and pool operations, followed by the plantroom and facility tour where candidates could apply their newly acquired knowledge.

Whilst it is a 12 month enrolment, candidates are confident they can complete it in 4 months. Regular check in times will help candidates stay on track and consolidate they learning as they go, as well as providing assistance to the workplace supervisors who will oversee their on the job training.

Royal Life Saving’s Technical Operations course provides candidates with the knowledge and skills relevant to the supervision and operation of an aquatic facility‚ plant and associated equipment, and the monitoring and maintaining of water quality. For more information on the Course click here >

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