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27 June 2023

Enhancing the industry’s current and future leaders

Training & Development
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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other – JF Kennedy

Whether you’re stepping into a team leadership role or are an experienced aquatic leader looking to build your skills we have a program to support you. Our suite of leadership programs strengthens and develops the abilities of participants and in turn, help them to build capability in the aquatic industry.

Recently Royal Life Saving delivered its third Aquatic Leadership Course to 11 eager emerging aquatic leaders, taking its candidates on a journey of self-discovery to challenge what they know about leadership and reflect and build on their many skills.

Our Leadership program was first launched just 12-months ago, and in this time, we have educated 29 of the aquatic industry’s finest at one of our three courses. Our Aquatic Leadership Development program has 4 tiers targeting the growth and development of the Aquatic Industry workforce.

  • Aquatic Team Leaders (2-Days)

  • Facility Leaders (3-Days)

  • Organisational Leadership (6-8 Days)

  • Masterclasses – specific management and leadership workshops

Our leadership courses are masterfully curated and delivered by an external facilitator, Peter Agnew. Peter is the Director of People Development Australia, a lead Facilitator for the Australian Institute of Management and Lectures at a Masters level at UNSW and UNEP. He has extensive experience across government, commercial and not-for-profit sectors working in senior management positions for over 25 years and hands on experience in the aquatic industry.

Our programs use some of the best tools in the industry. Our facilitator uses profiling systems that can form the basis of many of the programs provided. With 30 years of proven reliability and more than 40 million users, DiSC remains the most trusted learning instrument in the industry.

Pierre Baudou-Daniel, Aquatic Operations Coordinator with Hornsby City Council and one of our foundation leadership participants saidI was very fortunate to complete the RLSSA Leadership Course program. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much that I haven’t heard before from other programs l have attended however, l was mistaken, the course was run by Peter Agnew, and I found he engaged with the participants and kept the course running smoothly without all the dry long-winded instances you get from other programs.

I took away a greater understanding on how to get the most out of the workers under me by understanding how each one responds to different approaches depending on how each of their thought processes and how they took in information.

Through this understanding I have even been able to progress 2 of my team members to higher positions with more scope at work which they needed, or I would have lost them. They are thriving and l get to keep them with us.

I better understand how to respond to the multitude of staff and stakeholders and get the best out of each of them.

I highly recommend this course, it’s an invaluable tool for supervisors and managers.”

To learn more about the various leadership courses, we have to offer visit Leadership Development | Royal Life Saving (drowningprevention.org.au)

If you have any team members that you would like to reward and encourage their professional development, this is fantastic way to support their pathway to continuing in our Industry. We are currently taking expressions of interests for future courses. Please register your interest today by emailing events@royalnsw.com.au When you stop learning, you stop growing – Kenneth H Blanchard

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