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18 Aug 2022

Aquatic Leaders come together with Royal Life Saving to prepare for a Bumper Season

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Droughts, Fires and Covid have impacted our industry over the past 2-3 years more than we could have ever imagined. A significant loss in income, staffing and financial support has seen a resilient industry pull through but only just.

The Royal Life Saving Regional Aquatic Leadership Seminar Series has been developed to assist Pool Operators and Swim Schools in regional NSW to prepare for the expected influx of patronage and participation in the upcoming summer season.

The Aquatic Leaders seminar will cover a range of topics with a focus on aquatic management, risk services and partnership opportunities to ensure local facilities are operating at the highest level and creating a fun and safe aquatic environment for the community to enjoy.

Many of our local pools were severely affected by the recent floods. Our pools have been doing it touch over the past few years. Staff shortages and lost income will have a significant impact on a Pools’ ability to operate this Summer. Our hope in running these seminars is that Royal Life Saving can provide our local pools and swim schools with assistance in training and resources to develop a local workforce and assist their operational capacity. It is important to see our pools and swim schools open for business. We want to see people recreating and learning to swim in a safe and controlled environment to ease the burden of drowning on our community.” Jason Phillips, Royal Life Saving Regional Manager –Northern NSW.

To date, Royal Life Saving have delivered seminars in both the Hunter & Norther NSW regions. The remaining seminar dates for our regions are as follows:

15th September – Orange

21st October – Wagga Wagga

28th October – ACT

10th November - Sydney

To view the full program and register, click on the respective seminar link above or visit our events page: Events | Royal Life Saving (drowningprevention.org.au)

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