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In addition to the Licence Agreement the Junior Lifesavers Partner must:

  1. Allow access by RLSNSW staff to training records, delivery locations and staff for the purpose of auditing performance or verifying compliance with these Conditions and any ‘Junior Lifesavers’ curriculum documents;

  2. Deliver all programs in line with current Program documentation.

  3. Treat all correspondence in accordance with RLSNSW’s Privacy Policy as amended from time to time;

  4. Maintain systems for recording customer enrolments, attendance, assessment outcomes, evaluation and grievances;

  5. Provide to RLSNSW a complete staff list detailing full name, DOB, Licence number and expiry date

  6. Ensure that all teaching occurs in accordance with the requirements of the Junior Lifesavers program as stated in the relevant course curriculum documents;

  7. Ensure that instructors teaching Junior Lifesavers hold a Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety or Foundation Coach accreditation as stipulated in the GSPO;

  8. Ensure that instructors teaching Junior Lifesavers hold a current CPR qualification.

  9. Ensure that instructors teaching Junior Lifesavers hold a current Working with Children Check;

  10. Ensure that the teachers/coaches teaching Junior Lifesavers and or the supervisors of the program have a current first aid qualification

  11. Ensure that all instructors teaching Junior Lifesavers participate in In-Service Training in accordance with the relevant provisions of the GSPO;

  12. Ensure compliance with all laws relevant to the operation of the training premises including OHS legislation.

  13. Ensure that the training premises are of adequate size and have adequate heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation;

  14. Ensure that the facilities, equipment and other resources are adequate for the program and meet the requirements specified in the Program’s curriculum document;

  15. Ensure compliance with the relevant and current RLS GSPO;

  16. Market the program with integrity, accuracy and professionalism, avoiding vague and ambiguous statements;

  17. Only use approved RLS materials purchased from RLSNSW and not pass off other materials or substitutes as being linked to the RLS Junior Lifesavers Program – the Partner will be in breach of these Conditions should it develop its own Junior Lifesaver certificates in place of those from RLSNSW;

  18. Use the Junior Lifesavers logos on promotional material distributed by the Partner in relation to the Junior Lifesavers program;

  19. Seek prior permission for the use of RLS, RLSNSW and Junior Lifesavers logos or any logo or other Intellectual Property of RLSNSW on all extraordinary promotional and course related materials, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld by RLSNSW;

  20. Not state or imply that the Partner conducts RLS or RLSNSW courses other than those contained within these Conditions or the RLSNSW Partnership Subscriptions on the RLSNSW Website

  21. Display Junior Lifesavers promotional materials from or provided by RLSNSW in an appropriate area of the Partner facility;

  22. Submit forecasted participation numbers to RLSNSW

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