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The Cultural Competence Program is directly aimed at staff working in the aquatic and community recreation sector.

It is designed to enable workers to gain a better, broader and deeper understanding of the needs of communities from other countries when it comes to attending an aquatic facility, accessing a public swimming pool and being involved in a formal swimming program.

For many people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, these seemingly simple interactions can be daunting. Preparedness of the aquatic sector will help deliver a positive experience at the pool…one which results in a fun, friendly and safe experience.

Completing the program will ensure aquatic sector staff gain practical skills and cultural-specific knowledge that they can apply at the workplace and in everyday life.

On top of this, being a Culturally Qualified Centre can assist your Aquatic Centre to attract new markets as well as meet growing governance and community service obligations.

Contact us today if you wish to enrol or group bookings for the course: https://www.drowningprevention.org.au/contact

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