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Aquatic Industry Workforce Profile


Aquatic facilities and swim schools are important cultural institutions that provide many social, economic and health benefits to Australians of all ages. Royal Life Saving estimates that there are:

  • More than 1,306 aquatic facilities, and 807 swim schools, most small- and medium-sized

  • More than 1.5 million children aged 0-14 years participating in lessons and squads

  • More than 333 million pool visits annually, with each visit creating health benefits worth $26.39 The Royal Life Saving National Aquatic Industry Workforce Profile 2019 found that:

  • The workforce is predominantly female; 60% of pool lifeguards and 85% of swimming and water safety teachers

  • The aquatic industry provides a great career start for young people; 40% of pool lifeguards and 23% swimming and water safety teachers are aged 18 to 24 years.

Open National-Aquatic-Industry-Workforce-Profile-2019.pdf

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