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Bronze Medallion

Bronze Medallion


The Bronze Medallion course focuses on developing the participants’ survival and rescue skills enabling them to make the correct decisions in an aquatic emergency. The Bronze Medallion course will enhance your personal survival skills while providing you with the knowledge and skills to develop the level of judgement‚ technique and physical ability required to safely perform water rescues.


While there are no prerequisites to enrol into this course, you are required to have a reasonable level of fitness and swimming ability to perform the required aquatic skills.

Delivery Mode:

The Bronze Medallion course is completed by Facilitators via a Blended Delivery format, which allows candidates to work through self-paced theory content, before attending face to face training.

Candidates will work through theory content via online modules, prior to attending face to face training, in order to complete practical assessments and demonstrate competence in the required areas.

Only those who have completed the online module in full will be able to attend this course. (Study time: recommended 3-5 hours). On course, candidates are required to successfully complete a range of practical assessments (within time limits).


Upon successful completion of the course, in addition to a Royal Life Saving Bronze Medallion , candidates will receive a Royal Life Saving Bronze Medallion Certificate.

To achieve a Royal Life Saving Bronze Medallion Certificate, candidates must successfully complete the practical components under the award conditions and be competent in all theory components.

Age Requirement

Participants wishing to complete this training are to be 14 years of age or turning 14 in the calendar within which the course is to be held.

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