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Enjoying the water is an Australian way of life… a water way of life


The new National Drowning Report 2022 released in September has revealed a shocking increase in the number of drowning deaths across the NSW region. Overall, NSW experienced a 34 per cent increase in drowning fatalities and injury from 2021/22 and a 67 per cent increase on the 10-year average.

Significantly, the rate of drowning in children has decreased, indicating the strength of safety programs and awareness campaigns. The report shows that 95 per cent of drowning fatalities in NSW were adults (82% of which were males) and in the 10 years to 2022, Greater Western Sydney recorded the most fatalities in NSW, indicating a clear gap in knowledge, experience and opportunity across the state. (View Statistics)

We are working with communities and governments to reverse this trajectory. We are working to ensure that all members of our communities have the opportunity to live, work or play safely and confidently around the water. We want all Australians to enjoy a water way of life, with the opportunity to develop the fundamental survival and safety skills to survive in the water and to protect their family or friends in an emergency.

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Enjoying the water is an Australian way of life… a water way of life

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Let’s keep each other safe this summer

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