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Become a Junior Lifesavers Partner

Become a Junior Lifesavers Partner


More than just participation – Junior Lifesavers combines the skills of swimming, rescue, accident prevention and emergency care into a series of events that are designed to test the overall ability of a young lifesaver, both in and out of the water. For schools and aquatic facilities, it is one of the best tools you can have to keep children in the water for longer.

What are the benefits?

Junior Lifesavers can be adapted to supplement or add variety to swimming and water safety programs for all ages and abilities, for lifeguard training and development, or as a fun, challenging and interactive alternative to squads and competitive swimming. 

For those undertaking swimming and lifesaving awards, Junior Lifesaving is a great way to have fun, be social and build on existing skills and knowledge while keeping fit. Additionally, research shows that regular training using simulated rescues increases the success of responses to real-life rescue scenarios.

Junior Lifesaver also offers the following potential benefits for aquatic facilities, swim schools, schools and clubs:

  • A non-competitive offering for swimmers who don’t want to pursue squads, or for those exiting the water safety pathway

  • Building relationships and lifesaving, leadership and initiative skills for future lifeguards and aquatic staff

  • Attract new and diverse members to the existing aquatic community Low cost, flexible delivery

  • Pathways for participants, parents, staff and volunteers in coaching, officiating, team management and competition

  • Support from RLS including promotional tools, program support, equipment and training

  • A purposeful and beneficial vehicle for community engagement, with programs that can be built to accommodate multicultural, non-English speaking, indigenous and disadvantaged participants.

Junior Lifesaver Resources

Once your Swim School or organisation are approved as a Partner and you have completed our Licence Agreement you will be able to access to all the resources in our Junior Lifesavers Portal. Here you will find a stack of resources to support you from implementation, program management, customer service, marketing to teacher training.

Learning Resources - Access an extensive video library, Program Guide and activity cards to help you deliver a quality program

Support Guides - Access Assessment Guides, Checklists, Assessment Forms and Certificate templates

Marketing Resources - Access an extensive range of Digital Marketing Resources to help market Junior Lifesavers to the community

Induction Resources - Access a Partner and Teacher induction learning modules to help and your facility implement Junior Lifesavers

Junior Lifesaver Forum - Engage, Communicate and work with other Junior Lifesaver Partners to help you with you journey.

Dedicated Account Manager - As a Junior Lifesaver Partner you will be allocated a specific account manager to help your business grow

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Download the Junior Lifesavers Information Guide and Become a Partner Today!

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