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Swimming Skills

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Safety Factsheet #

Swimming is a skill for life! Once you've learnt how to swim it's hard to forget, however over time without regular training your swimming ability and edurance can decrease. It is essential to consider your swimming ability when starting or returning to swimming and other aquatic exercise for the first time or after a considerable break.

Swimming ability can be effected by:

  • Mobility issues

  • Lung capacity or beathing issues

  • Aerobic fitness

  • Medical diagnosis and types of medicine

Before heading back to the pool you should check in with yourself and your ability.

Check in with yourself:

  • When was the last time you went swimming?

  • Do you have any mobility issues that would restrict how you swim now?

  • Are you on any medication that could impact how you swim or cause you to faint?

  • Check in with your doctor if you are returning to swimming after a long time and have any medical issues.

Safety Tips:

  • Always swim with a buddy

  • When starting back, swim in a supervised pool with lifeguards

  • Swim in a lane near the side of the pool close to the edge or assistance if you need it

  • Don't go too hard too fast, check in with yourself and how you are feeling during exercise and build up your endurance over time.

Most importantly- Always take it easy when returning to swimming! Pushing yourself too hard could result in dangerous consequences. When returning to swimming for the first time Royal Life Saving reccommends starting out at a supervised pool in an aquatic centre where lifeguards are present if you need help.

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