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Salvavidas júnior

Mójese, diviértase y aprenda habilidades para salvar vidas


A Royal Life Saving NSW Junior Lifesavers Partnership is your next key for success in Lifesaving and Water Safety Education.


This partnership is an all-inclusive Lifesaving package that is a great vehicle for youth participation and encompass Lifesaving Participation in a pool, an Outback Inland Waterway as well as the opportunity to participate in Pool Lifesaving Sport.  

These programs provide partners with an extensive range of resources to deliver Lifesaving and Water Safety Education to all Australian Children. Our programs combine the skills of swimming, lifesaving, rescue, accident prevention, and emergency care into a series of activities and games that are designed to test the overall ability of a young lifesaver.


The primary skill areas that are covered in these programs include; survival swimming, survival skills, underwater skills, lifesaving skills, rescue skills and initiative/scenarios. All our Lifesaving activities are linked to the NSW & Australian School Curriculums and are benchmarked to the National Swimming and Water Safety Framework.  

Junior Lifesavers

Outback Lifesavers

Pool Lifesaving Sport

Junior Lifesavers combines the skills of swimming, rescue, accident prevention and emergency care into a series of events that are designed to test the overall ability of a young lifesaver, both in and out of the water.

Outback Lifesavers provide a unique opportunity for children in and across regional/remote NSW communities to actively participate and increase their Lifesaving Skills in their own backyard. Similar to Bush Nippers, this program is conducted in an inland waterway (lake, river, dam), and covers Lifesaving and Beach Specific skills such as board paddling, and sand flags! 

Introduction of Pool Lifesaving Sport is a fun and exciting way to engage children in a competitive and representative sport, while still learning valuable life skills! 

Introduce Pool Lifesaving Sport today and see where this sport can take you! 


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What are the benefits?

Lifesaving programs, pathways, and sport can be adapted to supplement or add variety to swimming and water safety programs for all ages and abilities, for lifeguard training and development, or as a fun, challenging and interactive school holiday programs, or alternative to squads and competitive swimming.


Delivery of these programs and sport pathways is flexible with a variety of delivery options available that meet environmental conditions, participants needs and skill level, equipment availability and organiser capacity! 

For schools and aquatic facilities, it is one of the best tools you can have to keep children in the water for longer. Some of the key benefits of the program include:  


  • Dedicated planning and program resources to suit your facility 

  • Training and Coaching Program for Swim Teachers 

  • Promotional material and support for the program 

  • Direct linkages to recreational and competitive pathways including the Australian Lifesaving Team and Australian Youth Lifesaving Team 

Junior Lifesaver Resources

Junior Lifesaver partners will have access to the following resources for both of Junior and Outback Lifesaver programs;  

Recursos de aprendizaje

Acceda a una extensa biblioteca de videos, Guía de programas y tarjetas de actividades para ayudarlo a ofrecer un programa de calidad

Guías de soporte

Acceda a guías de evaluación, listas de verificación, formularios de evaluación y plantillas de certificado

Recursos de mercadeo

Acceda a una amplia gama de recursos de marketing digital para ayudar a comercializar Junior Lifesavers en la comunidad

Recursos de inducción

Acceda a módulos de aprendizaje de inducción para socios y maestros para ayudar y su instalación implemente Junior Lifesavers

Foro Junior Salvavidas

Participe, comuníquese y trabaje con otros socios salvavidas junior para ayudarlo en su viaje.

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Descargar the Salvavidas júnior Guía de información¡Y conviertete en un miembro hoy!


Royal Life Saving está activo en todas las comunidades. Nuestros miembros, voluntarios, capacitadores, empleados y salvavidas se encuentran en casi todas las comunidades.

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