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Meet our community members and watch their stories on why swimming is important for everyone.


Everyone Can Learn to Swim is a campaign targeting Multicultural Communities throughout NSW, ACT and TAS.

It is designed to promote the benefits and importance of Learning to Swim across all ages through a range of Multicultural Community Ambassadors and thier unique stories. The Campaign shares the stories of 6 members of the community and thier challenges and love for the water and how it has improved thier life.

The Campaign also has an extensive range of resources in language that helps individuals and families navigate thier way through the unfamiliar environments of Public Swimming Pools and what to ask for and expect.

These include:

  • First Lesson Expectations

  • Women Swimming Attire

  • Learning Expectation

  • Adult Learn to Swim

  • Children Learn to Swim

  • Local Adult or Multicultural specific programs

  • The National Swimming and Water Safety Framework

View the Campaign Resources

Key Messages

Explore deeper into our campaign messages to learn more

Campaign Resources

Access the Campaign Resources to share within your network - more coming

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