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Enjoying a water way of life... our entire life

At Royal Life Saving, we want every Australian, no matter their age, experience and background to enjoy a water way of life. Aquatic recreation in, on or around the water is a fantastic way to stay fit throughout life and enjoy our Australian waterways.

The Active Adults campaign encourages older Australians to participate in, and enjoy, a water way of life, their entire life.

Research from the Australian Sports Commission into the exercise patterns of older adults has shown that the majority of adults over 55 years of age are insufficiently active.

59% of adults between 55-64 years of age are not meeting recommended activity levels for their age.

75% of adults 65+ years of age are not meeting recommended activity levels of their age.

With a large proportion of our older adults not meeting suggested activity levels, we at Royal Life Saving are promoting the benefits of participating in recreational activity in, on or around the water. Whether it's swimming, aqua aerobics, kayaking, cycling, tai chi or walking by the water, the physical, mental and social health benefits of exercise are vital for good health throughout life.

Unfortunately, the drowning statistics for adults over the age of 65 has been steadily increasing in recent years with approximately 60 Australians losing their lives each year. Falls into water is one of the main contributing factors to these statistics. Maintaining a good level of physical fitness reduces the risks of falls by the water that could result in a fatal incident.

It's never too late to start enjoying the benefits of physical activity in, on or around the water.

Let's enjoy a water way of life...our entire life!

NSW Senior's Festival 2024

This year the NSW Senior’s festival will take place 11-24 March 2024. Find an event taking place in your local area via the Seniors Festival website: What's On at NSW Seniors Festival | NSW Government

To find out more about local events taking place aligned with Royal Life Saving, visit our Events Page.

Active Adults Partners

As a Royal Life Saving Partner we value organisations large and small promoting our Active Adults message and working together to get more Australians having fun in, on and around the water, but doing so safely.

We have a range of marketing resources available to industry and community groups to promote across your own communication channels and to display in your facility, community hub or digital platforms. This includes: Video Content, Social Media, Posters and Fact sheets.

For any questions please contact healthpromotion@royalnsw.com.au

Key Messages

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Campaign Resources

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