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Local Water Safety Planning

One of the key initiatives identified in the AWSS to achieve the drowning prevention target is for communities to development a Local Water Safety Plan. 

A Local Water Safety Plan outlines existing and future community-based actions tailored to the local community contexts and emphasises the role of multi-sectoral collaboration and the capabilities and needs of varying stakeholders.

The objectives of the initiative are to:

  • Facilitate a common understanding of local drowning and water safety issues specific to the region

  • Present key research and data relevant to the area to interested parties and those with a responsibility for water safety

  • Support a commitment to working together on a collective strategy for the region

  • Commence working towards collective solutions/actions that could be collated into a local water safety drowning prevention plan

हामीलाई सम्पर्क गर्नुहोस

रोयल लाइफ सेभिङ सबै समुदायहरूमा सक्रिय छ। हाम्रा सदस्यहरू, स्वयंसेवकहरू, प्रशिक्षकहरू, कर्मचारीहरू र जीवन बचाउनेहरू लगभग सबै समुदायहरूमा पाइन्छ।

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