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Safety Factsheet #


Flooding is the most common natural disaster in Australia and causes the greatest loss of Life.

In 2022 there were 43 flood related rowning deaths in Australia which is appriximatel 17% of all Drowning Deaths. Of those 43 deaths over 60% were as a result of droiving through flood waters with a further 23% being swept away.

Why is flooding so dangerous

Flooding is dangerous and can increase your risk of drowning due to:

  • Conditions changing quickly

  • Flash flooding, with intense bursts of rainfall which cause sudden and rapid movement of floodwater

  • Strong currents, which often make it difficult to tell the speed of the current in floodwater

  • Water visibility changing and hiding hazards such as submerged objects (eg, trees and fallen powerlines) and animals (eg, snakes and crocodiles)

What to do during a flood

When a Flood Warning is issued, there are a few things you can do to protect your family and property:

  • Never drive, ride or walk through floodwater

  • Stack possessions, records, stock or equipment on benches and tables, placing electrical items on top

  • Secure objects that are likely to float and cause damage

  • Relocate waste containers, chemicals and poisons well above floor level

  • Activate your Home or Business FloodSafe Plan

  • Keep listening to your local radio station for information, updates and advice

  • Keep in contact with your neighboursBe prepared to evacuate if advised by emergency services

  • Act early as roads may become congested or close

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