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Excellence in Media and Promotions

Royal Life Saving Awards Gala


This Award recognises individuals or organisations across any media platform that has delivered exceptional coverage or promotion of a drowning incident, issue or agenda during the nomination period   

Award Criteria 

For entry into this category submissions should answer the following:  

Entries should demonstrate responsible and well-researched coverage and provide a detailed and innovative insight into the issue or incident.

Use of resourcing and media platforms will be considered.

Entries will be assessed on the quality and comprehensiveness of coverage during the qualifying period.   


Nominations shall include a completed entry form one copy of the nominated item/s (please refer to ‘How to enter') a 200-word statement to support the entry, outlining its relevance to the category, impact and any background context. 

2023 Nominations are now closed

Due to an overwhelming response, nominations have now closed for the 2023 Aquas. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Event Management Team

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