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Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

Royal Life Saving Awards Gala


This Award recognises individuals or organisations who have made a difference or innovative approach to Diversity and Inclusion within a Swimming, Lifesaving or Drowning Prevention context. This may be a one-off or ongoing.  ​   


Award Criteria 

For entry into this category submissions should answer the following:  

  1. Describe how the nominee has provided a contribution to their community / industry in Diversity and Inclusion or where the individual is from a diverse, or disadvantaged background  

  2. Describe (and provide evidence) of improvements and/or achievements made in over the past 12-18 months  

  3. Describe how the nominee has shown commitment to Diversity and/or Inclusion within the aquatic environment 

  4. Describe what barriers have been encountered by the nominee and how have they been overcome  


Nominations may be from a person from a diverse or disadvantaged background or an individual or organisations who has made a contribution to diverse and/or disadvantage communities within an aquatic context. 

2023 Nominations are now closed

Due to an overwhelming response, nominations have now closed for the 2023 Aquas. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Event Management Team

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