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In this Module we’re going to learn about all of the places where water can be found in and around homes and farms and how to stay safe.

Sa pagtatapos ng modyul na ito, ang mga mag-aaral ay dapat na:

  • Identifying safe and unsafe places at your home 

  • Identifying how to stay safe around water at your home and on the farm.

Pambansang Swimming at Water Safety Links


  • Identify aquatic environments at or near the home (H1)

  • Identify hazards in aquatic environments at or near the home (H2) 

  • Identify rules for safe behaviour at aquatic environments at or near the home (H3)

Mga Link sa Kurikulum ng Australia


  • Identify people and demonstrate protective behaviours and other actions that help keep themselves safe and healthy (ACPPS003) 

  • Identify actions that promote health, safety and wellbeing (ACPPS006) 

Stage 1 (Grade 1 and 2)

  •  Identify and explore natural and built environments in the local community where physical activity can take place (ACPPS023)

New South Wales Syllabus Links

Early Stage 1

  • Identifies people and demonstrates protective strategies that help keep themselves healthy, resilient and safe PDe-2 

  •  Identifies actions that promote health, safety, wellbeing and physically active spaces PDe-7 

Stage 1 (Grade 1 and 2) 

  • Recognises and describes strategies people can use to feel comfortable, resilient and safe in situations PD1-2 

  • Explores actions that help make home and school healthy, safe and physically active spaces PD1-7

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