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Celebrating a Lifesaving Education Milestone

Cameron McFarlane, a senior aquatic lifeguard and Royal Life Saving Trainer, achieved a remarkable milestone: educating 50,000 students throughout NSW in CPR over the past decade. Cameron's tireless efforts have not only transformed lives but have also played a pivotal role in raising awareness.

A recent special event unfolded at Tamworth West Public School, marking the place where Cameron's journey began. With a touch of nostalgia, he launched yet another CPR program, reflecting on how far he has come. "I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams of achieving this milestone," Cam said.

Cameron shared his sentiments about the fulfilling journey of delivering CPR training.

"It is incredibly rewarding knowing that many young lives are now equipped with a vital lifesaving skill that will hopefully never have to be applied." he said.

Cameron further expressed his gratitude towards the sponsors who have been instrumental in his mission. Rotary and Royal Life Saving have been steadfast supporters of Cameron along with the support of his family, friends, and the incredible people he has met along the way.

Despite the accolades and praise he receives; Cam remains humble and quick to shift the focus to the CPR awareness program he designed and developed for schools. This program, supported by Royal Life Saving, aims to combat the rising drowning statistics and instils this vital skill in primary schools.

"The program ensures all students have a sound understanding and knowledge of how to perform an emergency response plan in a time of need - because CPR can and does save lives." Cameron emphasised.

In November 2018, Cameron took his program beyond borders, traveling to Vietnam where the drowning rate is alarmingly high. This fully sponsored program was delivered to 15 primary schools in Hue, Central Vietnam, benefiting more than 850 primary school students, teachers, and lifeguards.

Cameron McFarlane's program has not gone unnoticed with him receiving several prestigious awards in New South Wales: the NSW Royal Life Saving Russell Crane Cup and The Award of Excellence from the Aquatic and Recreation Institute.

We salute Cameron for his selfless efforts and look forward to witnessing the continued impact of his lifesaving legacy.

We extend our thanks to the Gunnedah Times for their invaluable contribution in crafting the original newspaper article that served as the foundation for this blog post.


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