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The media plays an important role to reduce drowning and during drowning incidents. The information provided by the media can assist people in making informed decisions which can ultimately affect their safety.

Royal Life Saving uses the media to provide information on safety and Drowning incidents to the community. Media personnel are encouraged to use the following services for further information:

Media Contacts

Royal Life Saving is always happy to assist members of the media in any way we can and we welcome media enquiries. Please contact Primary Communications (02) 9212 3888.

Royal Life Saving are available to comment on a range of drowning and non-fatal drowning incidents, as well as swimming and water safety issues.

Key Spokespeople

Royal Life Saving has a variety of spokespeople and other experts available to discuss incidents, issues and events. These include:

Michael Ilinsky - Chief Exective Officer

Craig Roberts - GM, Drowning Prevention and Education

Penny Hodgers - GM, Capacity and Capability

Media Sign Up

Journalists or media representatives can sign up to receive Royal Life Saving



You will receive an email containing your selections and a link to update your details or selections if necessary.

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