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We Swim is a campaign, a movement where everyone has a role to play

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We swim is a campaign, a movement to inspire parents across Australia to take action to ensure their children enjoy all the benefits of swimming, from the fun stuff like splashes, dives and races to the many health and safety benefits of being in the water.

The key focus of the campaign is to encourage parents to enrol their children in lessons, whether they’re new to swimming or have dropped out too early – with the aim to ensure all children stay in lessons long enough to achieve and exceed the minimum national swimming and water safety benchmark to swim continuously for 50 metres and float in deep water for 2 minutes by 12 years of age.

Many children drop out of lessons before the age of 8 years and miss developing critical lifesaving skills. This leads to a lifelong drowning risk and missing out on a lifetime of enjoying the water.

We Swim is a celebration of inclusivity for all Australians wherever they live to join in, have fun and be safe in and around the water.

We want parents and the broader community to be inspired to amplify the message and join the movement of We Swim.

We Swim
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We’ve all missed out on so much because of COVID-19. Swim schools and local pools across the country, have been hit hard by mandated closures and restrictions. Millions of lessons have been missed. This threatens to have tragic consequences for many Australians and may create a generation of non-swimmers now and in the future.

“ Many studies have shown that we are stronger and healthier of body and mind when we swim.”

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