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International Lifeguards

Lifeguarding techniques often differ between countries and organisations. That doesn’t mean that Lifeguards from overseas can’t work in Australia. It does however mean that they may need to go through a process to have their training recognised.

Requirements to work in Australia as a Pool Lifeguard are centres around holding and maintaining a Pool Lifeguard Skillset, which is part of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Overseas certificate may be recognised as a pathway to expedite the attainment of this skillset, but will likely result in further training and assessment, and/or course attendance. 

Enquiries are to be made to courses@royalnsw.com.au - Upon submission, please supply all current qualifications/documents. 

Please note: Royal Life Saving Society NSW is not a CRICOS Provider, therefore, we are unable to provide National Training to overseas students holding a Student Visa.


International Lifeguards

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