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Workplace Supervisors are an important part of your Swim Schools development.

An Approved Workplace Supervisor is someone that has the appropriate skills, knowledge and expertise to be able to monitor the progress fo Swim Teachers at your facility.

A Workplace Supervisor may be:

  • A qualified Swim Teacher, at which you are being inducted and with a minimum of 3years with the skillset SISSS00112 Swimming and Water Safety Teacher, or

  • The Swim school supervisor / manager or equivalent or

  • A Risk Manager/WHS Manager within the Council or Organisation with suitable Swim Teacher knowledge

They should be actively involved in swim school activities and current in industry knowledge where possible, your Workplace Supervisor should be listed with Royal Life Saving as an Approved Workplace Supervisor.

A Workplace Supervisor is expected to:

  • Provide feedback.

  • Maintain records relating to any other workplace training, progress & achievement.

  • Liaise with Royal Life Saving regarding any issues that may arise during the application process.

If you do not have access to an appropriate person to act as your Workplace Supervisor, please contact your nearest Royal Life Saving office.

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