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Drowning is the leading cause of preventable death in children under the age of five in Australia.

More than half of the fatalities in this age group occur in home swimming pools. For every toddler drowning death another ten children are admitted to hospital as a result of non-fatal drowning, many of whom will suffer lifelong consequences.

In response to these worrying figures, Royal Life Saving have developed a specific education program designed for children aged 3-5, to help teach vital water safety messages. Come and join the Waddles family in their adventure to learn more about Pool Safety and River Safety

How our Program Works

We offer your child care centres and pre schools something that no other water safety organisation can - a blended learning approach aligned to the early years learning framework that empowers young children to make safe and healthy lifestyle choices in around our waterways in an enjoyable manner

When you book a Water Safety Education program at your school, this includes:

  • Sessions delivered in the classroom by specialist educators

  • A unique, impacting and memorable experience for your students

  • Access to our Animations

  • Print and online teacher and student resources – with lesson plans and interactive activities

  • Customised parent information sessions

Our Learning Modules

we have two key learning modules for Pre School Children these are as follows:

At the Pool

Join the waddles familiy as they take an adventure to their local swimming pool and understand the hazards and dangers along the way "At the pool and on the sand always hold an adults hand"

At the River

Join the waddles familiy as they travel along the local river on an expedition only to learn about the hidden dangers on the way. "Rivers and creeks flow about. stay near an adult who can help you out"

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