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SISSS00131 – Aquatic Technical Operator

SISSS00131 – Aquatic Technical Operator


The SISSS00131 - Aquatic Technical Operator Skillset is the industry standard for pool supervisors. Royal Life Saving’s Aquatic Technical Operations course provides candidates with the knowledge and skills relevant to the supervision and operation of an aquatic facility‚ plant and associated equipment, and the monitoring and maintaining of water quality.

Please note: Royal Life Saving Society NSW is not a CRICOS provider; it is unable to provide national training to overseas students holding a student visa.

Delivery Mode

The Technical Operations course is delivered as a self-paced online course, with practical and workplace-based assessments to be completed on the job, with the guidance of a workplace supervisor.


The online course is comprised of three theory modules, which can be accessed throughout your enrolment.


The On-the-Job Workbooks contain assessment activities that are required to be completed at each candidate’s workplace following the completion of the online modules. The assessment is a personal record of each candidate’s skills and knowledge and is used to demonstrate competency in the workplace. This on-the-job assessment ensures the pool lifeguard can apply the skills learnt in the training course at their place of employment. The on-the-job component needs to be signed off by a Royal Life Saving Approved Workplace Supervisor.

Course Cost and Duration 

The cost of enrolment is $630.00, and participants have 12 months to complete the qualification. Incomplete enrolments will cease after the 12-month period. If you wish to continue your enrolment beyond this period, continuation fees will apply.



While there are no prerequisites to enrol into this course, sufficient aquatics experience is required to perform the tasks required of this course. Candidates will be asked to access and interpret workplace and legislative documentation to complete a range of tasks in the workplace.

In addition, candidates must have access to a venue and an Approved Workplace Supervisor to mentor them through their assessment workbooks; on-the-job assessments form a critical aspect of a candidate’s assessment evidence.


Upon successful course completion of the Royal Life Saving’s Technical Operations course participants will be issued with a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment SISSS00131 - Aquatic Technical Operator, consisting of the following units:

·        BSBWHS308 - Participate in WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control processes

·        SISCAQU015 - Test pool water quality

·        SISCAQU016 - Manage pool water quality

·        SISCAQU017 - Monitor and maintain aquatic facility plant and equipment

·        SISXFAC009 - Coordinate facility maintenance


Achievement of these units provides credit towards SIS40122 - Certificate IV in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation.

How to Enrol

We must check that candidates have access to the correct resources, facilities, and mentors before we can accept and process bookings.

Therefore, candidates are required to complete an Aquatic Technical Operation - Enrolment Application

Within the application you will be required to provide your Workplace Supervisor and venue details and nominate a method of payment.

If application is successful, payment is required to prior to commencement of learning. This process can take 1-2 business days.

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