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Get qualified as a RLS Workplace Supervisor

Can you help a newly skilled worker become a valued part of the team?

Newly trained and qualified employees need dedicated on-the-job support when they arrive to your workplace. They rely on more experienced mentors to guide them through the intricacies of their new position, and need time and exposure to different types of working scenarios in order to build their confidence and competence.

As a qualified Royal Life Saving Workplace Assessor you can be part of the driving force within the aquatic industry that assists these new employees to be the best they can be for your team, and your patrons.

RLS Workplace Supervisors are the link between the real world and a theoretical one. They’re industry people who guide the newly skilled with their knowledge and experience to go from tradesperson to craftsperson.

Are you that kind of person? Can you provide instruction, guidance and encouragement at the right times? Can you help a newly skilled worker become a valued part of the team? A Workplace Supervisor is an important link in the leadership team. One that comes with responsibility and a good dose of satisfaction.

So, what do you need? Well, what you DON’T need is a Certificate IV in Training and Assessing.

What you do need is experience and the ability to guide and manage staff along in their development to gain a Licence in the following skill sets:

· Pool Lifeguard

· Aquatic Technical Operations

· Swim Teacher

You’ll be required to guide them through their workplace induction and on the job training. Important job tasks such as supervising a pool, delivering a swimming lesson, or backwashing a filter, require a suitably qualified workplace supervisor. You can imagine how hard it is to ensure quality learning without oversight by an experienced person from their workplace. Their written evidence along with your comments and oversight are then sent to an RLS assessor.

Royal Life Saving offers a Workplace Supervisor program to help mentors understand the expectations and skills needed for the role. It’s a 90-minute online course with the following modules:

· Mentoring in the workplace

· Providing work skill instruction

· Contribute to assessment

Every workplace would benefit from an RLS Workplace Supervisor. If you’ve got experience that can contribute to building a greater industry workforce, this is a great place to start.

RLS Workplace Supervisor Application Form - V7 2021
Download PDF • 433KB

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