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Outback Lifesaver Volunteers

우리는 수영 및 물 안전 분야의 선두 업체입니다.  광범위한 코스, 지원 및 리소스를 이용할 수 있습니다.

Become part of the Outback Lifesaver team

Outback Lifesaver Water Safety Officer

Safety is a key priority for the Outback Lifesaver program. Due to the different environments at an inland waterway, risks will be different from a standard pool environment. The Water Safety Officers are a volunteer position to assist the Outback Lifesaver coaches to manage the participants in the program, focusing on supervision and safety.

Water Safety Officers will be required to:

  • Hold a current WWCC

  • Complete the Outback Lifesaver Water Safety Officer induction

If you are interested in being involved in upcoming Outback Lifesaver programs, let us know!

Water Safety and Volunteer Training Days


Scone Memorial Pool

Sunday 8th Jan (12pm) & Monday 9th Jan (12pm)

Wagga Wagga

Oasis Aquatic Centre

Wednesday 11th Jan (11am) & Thursday 12th Jan (11am)


Inverell Pool

Saturday 7th January (10am) & Sunday 8th Jan (10am)


Launceston Aquatic Centre

Wednesday 11th January 10am

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