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Stage 5- First Aid Awareness

Η Royal Life Saving είναι διεθνής ηγέτης στα προγράμματα διάσωσης. Βασικά για τη διάσωση ζωών, αλλά η διάσωση είναι επίσης ένας πολύ καλός τρόπος για να διασκεδάσετε, να κοινωνικοποιηθείτε και να μάθετε κάποιες ζωτικές δεξιότητες για να βοηθήσετε εσάς και την κοινότητά σας.

The High School First Aid Awareness Program is a tool for High School Teachers in teaching students how to be a safe, active and responsible citizens in everyday situations.

The focus is on teaching students how to respond to realistic scenarios leading to injury. Students need to actively apply basic first aid principles and where applicable, determine preventative actions where risky behaviour is a precursor to injury.

First aid content is divided into 5 key injury areas - Bites, Breaks, Burns, Bleeds and Breathing. Teacher resources provide a framework for lessons/topics, scenario content and the corresponding first aid treatment students need to determine and demonstrate.

Content has been written to align to the Australian and NSW Health and Physical Education Curriculums meaning teachers can deliver the content whilst ensuring they are meeting curriculum outcomes.

Curriculum for stage 5:

AUS: ACPPS091 Plan, rehearse and evaluate options (including CPR and first aid) for managing situations where their own or others’ health, safety and wellbeing may be at short or long term risk

NSW: PD5 -6, PD5-7, PD5-9, PD5-10

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