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8 Aug 2023

Upgrade of Casino Memorial Swimming Pool nearing completion

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Residents on the north coast town of Casino are excited as the upgrade of the Casino Memorial Swimming Pool is nearing completion.

After the past 3 seasons without a pool, patrons and user groups have had to travel to other areas for a swim or aquatic activity.

The redevelopment is part of Council’s ongoing commitment to provide high-quality recreational facilities to the Richmond Valley community.

The existing pool was originally built in 1952 and was extensively refurbished in 1983.

Council began working on a concept master plan six years ago, with the first draft put on public exhibition in late 2018, and subsequently refined following public input. The scope of the project has been expanded to deliver what will become a high quality year-round recreational facility for Casino and the Richmond Valley communities.

Key elements of the master plan are:

  • Construction of a new eight-lane 50m pool, with new filtration system and heating.

  • Construction of a 25m indoor heated pool to allow lap swimming along with all-age exercise and learn-to-swim classes, with retractable walls and doors for open air use during summer.

  • Construction of a shaded water play space with sprays, fountains, and jets and a shallow splash area to 0.7m deep.

  • Entrance upgrade and paved forecourt.

  • Refurbishment of the existing shower facilities and change rooms, complying with current WHS and mobility access standards including non-slip flooring, new showers and plumbing fixtures.

  • Upgraded gym and new swimming club house.

  • New large twin flume water slide.

One key benefit of the new facility will be the replacement of the current 50m pool with an eight-lane heated pool, open for at least 10 months of the year.

The facility will be managed by the team at Richmond Valley Aquatics. There are currently positions available at the pool including a Management position.

Richmond Valley Aquatics are proud partners of the Keep Watch @ Public Pools program and utilise RLS training services for all their staff qualification needs.

Pictured below are the concept drawings submitted by the successful tenderer, Facility Design Group Pty Ltd, as well as progress images supplied by Richmond Valley Aquatics

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