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4 July 2024

Royal Life Saving Lifeguard Services at Penrith Beach

Drowning Prevention
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We are delighted to reflect on a groundbreaking season of lifeguard services at Penrith Beach from December to April, marking the inaugural year of this vital community initiative. In partnership with the Department of Environment and Planning, Royal Life Saving successfully implemented lifeguard services for the first time at Penrith Beach, enhancing safety and peace of mind for residents of Penrith and Western Sydney.

The collaboration with the Department of Environment and Planning proved instrumental, allowing us to deliver professional and effective risk assessments, emergency planning and lifeguard services tailored to the needs of local residents. This partnership exemplified a shared commitment to promoting water safety and ensuring enjoyable experiences for all visitors to Penrith Beach.

We are thrilled to announce that due to the overwhelming positive feedback and community support, Deputy Premier Prue Carr MP has confirmed the continuation of Royal Life Saving lifeguard services at Penrith Beach for the 2024/25 season. This endorsement underscores the importance of our efforts and reaffirms our dedication to safeguarding lives and promoting water safety throughout the Penrith community and beyond. We look forward to building upon this success and continuing to serve the community with excellence in the seasons to come.

Thank you to everyone involved, from our dedicated lifeguards to the community members who embraced and supported this initiative. Together, we are making a significant difference in enhancing water safety and wellbeing in Western Sydney

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