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4 July 2024

Royal Life Saving's Government Partnerships for the Aquatic Industry

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As we conclude another impactful year, Royal Life Saving celebrates significant achievements through our collaborative efforts with government bodies to enhance water safety and improve the Aquatic Industry.

One of our proudest achievements this year was the initiation of Project Harmony, a landmark initiative aimed at ensuring children in Western Sydney have equitable access to essential swimming and water safety lessons. Through partnerships with Local Governments and the NSW Office of Sport, we have worked tirelessly to expand access and deliver these crucial life-saving skills to our community's youngest members.

Our ongoing liaison with the NSW Department of Health and Industry Suppliers has also seen fruitful results with the review and updating of Water Quality Guidelines for NSW, ensuring that our swimming pool are safe and conducive to Industry needs.

In collaboration with the NSW Department of Education, we have expanded our Swim Teacher and Basic Water Rescue Training programs, equipping educators with the necessary skills to empower future generations with confidence in the water.

We are proud to have expanded the Smart and Skilled funding program in partnership with the NSW Government Training Services, providing free or discounted training opportunities to bolster the Aquatic Industry workforce's capabilities.

Additionally, our collaborative efforts with local and state governments have led to the development of comprehensive Drowning Prevention Plans for Western Sydney, ACT, and Tasmania, aimed at reducing water-related fatalities through targeted community interventions and education.

Lastly, we are excited to announce the release of the State of the Industry Report in Collaboration with our National Office, which provides valuable insights into current trends, challenges, and opportunities within the aquatic industry, shaping future policies and initiatives.

These achievements underscore our commitment to advocating for and on behalf of the aquatic industry, fostering safer aquatic environments and empowering communities across our communities. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts in the coming year to further advance the aquatic industry.

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