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8 Jan 2023

More locations opened to enjoy the water safely

Swimming & Lifesaving
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Sydneysiders will be able to swim in the harbour at Barangaroo as soon as this week in what the state government says is the first new harbour swimming spot to open west of the bridge in more than 50 years.

Keen swimmers will be able to take the plunge in Marrinawi Cove, at the north-east corner of Barangaroo Reserve, pending a final safety inspection on Monday.

The government has installed safety nets, signage and a new shower at Marrinawi Cove. Monday’s safety inspection relates to the integrity of the shark net, not to water quality, about which there are no concerns. After summer, the government will consider whether decking or ladders are required at the site.

The Gadigal people had used the site to fish, canoe and swim for thousands of years, and the opening of the new swimming hole was a win for community groups who had advocated for lifting the ban.

Craig Roberts, General Manager, Drowning Prevention and Education with Royal Life Saving welcomed the new site opening. "We have some of the most beautiful waterways in the world. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy our inland waterways and participate in regular aquatic activity. It is important that safety is a restriction but is rather embraced as part of the opening of these new Swimming Locations."

For more information on Inland Waterways and Drowning Prevention please visit our Inland Waterways pages


Sydney Morning Herald

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