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1 July 2024

Lifesaving Sports Highlights 2023/24

Swimming & Lifesaving
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Junior Lifesavers:

Royal Life Saving NSW successfully delivered five fully funded Junior Lifesavers Programs across the State this year. This program is a key component of Royal Life Saving’s swimming and water safety pathway, combining swimming, aquatic rescue, accident prevention and emergency care into a series of fun activities. Program participants gain crucial lifesaving skills while also developing leadership, teamwork and initiative, preparing them for a future in the aquatic industry or as a step towards the competitive Pool Lifesaving sport pathway.


Pool Lifesaving State Championships and Inclusive Multi-Class Events:

Royal Life Saving NSW and Surf Life Saving NSW joined forces once again to host the 2024 NSW Pool Life Saving State Championships at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre in June. The three-day carnival featured over 230 competitors from 27 different Royal and Surf Life Saving Clubs across NSW.

Competitors were given the opportunity to hone their lifesaving skills in 8 individual speed-based events, and team up with fellow club members to compete in 3 unique relay events.

These State Championships shed light on the impressive ability of our state’s top lifesavers, showcasing their high level of performance and composure in simulated lifesaving scenarios. Some of the events over the weekend included underwater metal gates to mimic aquatic obstacles or waves and others required competitors to retrieve plastic water-filled manikins from the bottom of the pool and carry them to the finishing wall to safety, simulating the rescue of an unconscious patient.

Building on the success of the Inclusive Championships at previous NSW State and National Surf Life Saving Championships, this year’s Pool Lifesaving State Championships also introduced five new Multi-Class events for athletes with disabilities. Emphasizing participation, the events welcomed competitors of all ages and abilities. These athletes showed that their training had paid off and they were able to perform at a very competitive level, excelling in each of the five events, in particular the Line Throw Event. In this event, all athletes successfully wound up and tossed their line throw ropes out to their patients waiting at the 8m distance marker, pulling them back to the wall within the 45 second time limit. The Multi-Class events were a fantastic addition this year and will continue to be included in the years to come, holding promise for future growth in future years.  

The NSW Pool Lifesaving State Championships reiterated the humanitarian impact that the sport can have, enabling athletes to apply their swimming skills to lifesaving scenarios. The event also fostered a sense of community, providing opportunities for friendships both old and new to flourish.

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