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19 July 2021

Kids get schooled on water safety

Education & Awareness
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Over the past couple of months the Health Promotions team have been hard at work visiting schools and preschools all over Sydney delivering our Water Safety and CPR leadership programs. Since May alone they’ve delivered nearly 40 programs to 1500 students teaching them the importance of making good decisions around water and what to do in an emergency.

RLSNSW school programs use a mix of story and practical demonstrations to build student confidence and foster a generation of water confident kids all funded through the ClubGrants program.

A recent visit to Fairvale Public School in the Fairfield LGA, saw our educators Kerry and Lisa run sessions for over 400 students across a number of years educating them all about water safety and demonstrating some rescue techniques. The students had a great time and learned some invaluable skills!

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