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23 Sept 2022

Get Skilled in time for Summer!

Training & Development
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Royal Life Saving NSW, in partnership with the NSW Department of Education and Training, is able to access training subsidies for individuals in the following areas:

  • SISSS00129 – Pool Lifeguard

  • SISSS00112 – Swimming and Water Safety Teacher

  • SG00008430 – Provide First Aid - Early Childhood Education and Care

Why not use this opportunity to get a job or continue training to achieve a full qualification! Multi-skill and increase your chances of further employment.

The strategy supports young people, particularly school leavers, to obtain the skills they need in industries where there are immediate job opportunities.

To be eligible for Summer Skills training subsidies, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • 16-24 years of age

  • No longer attending high school

  • Australian citizens/permanent resident

To find out more information or register your expression of interest, contact Royal Life Saving Here>

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