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From Good to Great how Workplace Supervisors Elevate Budding Pool Plant Operators

A set of key factors has emerged from our Aquatic Technical Operator Course Trainers as critical in fostering high-quality Pool Plant Operators. One such pivotal element is the presence of capable Workplace Supervisors, although developing their expertise requires substantial time and effort - commodities often in short supply. Nonetheless, investing the necessary time upfront ultimately saves time down the road. Facilities benefit significantly when Workplace Supervisors dedicate time to engage with candidates, familiarise themselves with the course content, and diligently assess their work. Such an approach expedites employee qualification and elevates their proficiency.

Nothing brings the team greater satisfaction than encountering budding plantroom operators whose submissions radiate motivation and knowledge. There are no shortcuts in a field with implications for public health. Once we begin manipulating pool water, we are essentially involved in the healthcare industry, and a lack of knowledge can lead to the swift deterioration of public health.

The Aquatic Technical Operators course equips successful candidates with units of competence from the Certificate III Community Recreation. As a Certificate III-level course, it demands responses that demonstrate a robust understanding of the subject matter, as opposed to superficial, brief answers that fall short of this objective. When it comes to water test results, it is preferable for candidates to submit sets that exhibit various issues and demonstrate their capacity to identify these issues and recommend corrective actions. This approach better showcases their newfound knowledge compared to presenting a "perfect set" and claiming everything is flawless.

In instances where a candidate submits a workbook with basic errors, and it has been endorsed by their Workplace Supervisor, it raises questions. Did the supervisor thoroughly review the submission? Did they hastily sign off on it without a proper assessment, or do they themselves lack familiarity with the chemical's correct name? Such scenarios are cause for concern. Those who assume the role of an approved RLS Workplace Supervisor must recognise that the work submitted by a candidate reflects not just the individual but also the competence and professionalism of the supervisor.

For aspiring plantroom operators, Workplace Supervisors serve as the bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical application in the real world. They are industry experts who impart their knowledge and experience, guiding the next generation in our Industry. There is immense satisfaction in contributing to someone's transformation into a highly proficient operator.

For those interested in becoming a qualified RLS Workplace Supervisor, consider the opportunity available at Get qualified as a RLS Workplace Supervisor (drowningprevention.org.au) or should you wish to expand your knowledge and career to become a Pool Plant Operator check out our Aquatic Technical Operations Course SISSS00110 – Aquatic Technical Operator (drowningprevention.org.au).

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