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Bronze e-Lifesaving is an interactive e-learning program that challenges and engages youth on issues such as risk-taking behaviour, peer influences and alcohol consumption when recreating in and around water.
Utilising aquatic themes, students explore personal attitudes, beliefs and personal relationships and will develop skills in making informed decisions, refusal tactics and leadership. Bronze e-Lifesaving teaches students survival skills, rescue techniques and basic emergency and first aid care for managing situations where their own or others’ wellbeing and safety may be at risk.
The program can be easily implemented in the classroom and has strong links to learning outcomes in the new Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education.
Bronze e-Lifesaving has two units available to complete; Unit 1 and Unit 2. Unit 1 has been designed to suit Year 7 and 8 students, whereas Unit 2 is aimed for Years 9 and 10.
The program is FREE to Australian secondary school students


> E-Learning Portal
> Enrol in Module 1
> Enrol in Module 2
> E-Lifesaving Facilititators Guide


Enrolling the Class

To create your class enrolments (click here to download these instructions):
  1. Select either the Community Lifesaver 1 or 2 program below
  2. Turn on the bulk enrolment option
  3. Remove your name from the top row (unless you wish to also complete the online learning)
  4. Type your student’s details individually, or alternatively, import a spreadsheet (click the yellow ‘Export’ button to download a suitable template)
  5. When you're done, scroll to the bottom and click 'Checkout'
  6. Check that student’s details are correct and then select 'Place Order'
  7. You will be emailed a copy of your order

Starting the Class

To get your students started:
  1. Send them to the eLearning Portal
  2. Get them to reset their password using their email address (the one that you entered in the class template)
  3. Have them login to the site
  4. On their 'My Learning' screen will be Community Lifesaver course
  5. Direct the students to commence the course as per the delivery plan
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