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Capable teachers

Capable teachers

Capable teachers meet the requirements through demonstrating achievement of the nine Guidelines at this level.

These teachers create effective teaching and learning experiences for their students. They know the unique backgrounds of their students and adjust their teaching to meet their individual needs and diverse cultural, social and linguistic characteristics.

They develop safe, positive and productive learning environments where all students are encouraged to participate.

They design and implement engaging teaching programs that meet curriculum, assessment and reporting requirements. They use feedback and assessment to analyse and support their students’ knowledge and understanding. Capable teachers use a range of sources, including student results, to evaluate their teaching and to adjust their programs to better meet student needs.

Capable teachers are active participants in their profession and with advice from colleagues, identify, plan and evaluate their own professional learning needs.

Capable teachers are team members. They work collaboratively with colleagues; they seek out and are responsive to advice about educational issues affecting their teaching practice. They communicate effectively with their students, colleagues, parents/carers and community members. They behave professionally and ethically in all forums.

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