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6 June 2023

Water Safety Education at A Day at the River

Drowning Prevention
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Royal Life Saving NSW hosted an Inland Waterways Community Day on Saturday 3 June 2023 funded by the Australian Government as part of Royal Life Saving Society’s Inland Communities Water Safety Funding.

‘A Day at the River’ held at Angle Park, Chipping Norton on the picturesque Georges River was the second Inland Water Safety Community event in Western Sydney this year, with our first held at Lake Parramatta in January.

The purpose of these events is to engage and educate community members of all ages and backgrounds in water safety awareness and lifesaving skills to help combat the high levels of drowning incidents seen across Western Sydney.

In partnership with Surf Lifesaving NSW, Belgravia Leisure and Royal Life Saving, a variety of drowning prevention activity stations were set up for participants at this event including:

  • Inland waterway safety information

  • CPR awareness

  • Dryland rescue education

  • Lifejacket skills

  • Beach and rock fishing safety

In total 65 community members, including children, teens and adults, from a variety of multicultural backgrounds attended the day which concluded with a BBQ and prize draw. 100 percent of survey responses collected at the end of the event showed that all attendees learnt something new and would attend another RLS event in the future.

For more information about Inland Waterways Safety visit Inland Waterways | Royal Life Saving (drowningprevention.org.au)

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