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30 May 2023

Upcoming Tech Ops Workshops

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The SISSS00110 - Aquatic Technical Operator Skillset is the industry standard for pool supervisors. Royal Life Saving’s Technical Operations course provides candidates with the knowledge and skills relevant to the supervision and operation of an aquatic facility‚ plant and associated equipment, and the monitoring and maintaining of water quality.

Our very own Gary Johnson is on the road delivering 1-day face to-face workshops at the below mentioned locations/dates. The remainder of the course is self-paced and incorporates 1 hour fortnightly virtual sessions and the completion of an on-the-job workbook. With this method it’s very achievable for candidates to be qualified within 4 months or sooner with the support of an Approved Workplace Supervisor.

The On-the-Job Workbooks contain assessment activities that are required to be completed at each candidate’s workplace following the completion of the online modules. The assessment is a personal record of each candidate’s skills and knowledge and is used to demonstrate competency in the workplace.

While there are no prerequisites to enrol into this course, it is essential that candidates have access to a venue and an Approved Workplace Supervisor to mentor them through their assessment workbooks; on-the-job assessments form a critical aspect of a candidate’s assessment evidence.

The cost of enrolment is $570.00, and participants have 12-months to complete the qualification. Incomplete enrolments will cease after the 12-month period. If you wish to continue your enrolment beyond this period, continuation fees will apply.

Visit SISSS00110 – Aquatic Technical Operator Skillset (drowningprevention.org.au) and complete the course enquiry form for more information including enrolment.

Have enough people in your organisation to complete a course at your venue? Let us know through the course enquiry and we will explore this opportunity.

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